Paul Olweny

Paul Olweny - HR Consultant

Paul is a motivated HR strategist, with a wealth of experience in establishing recruitment and management systems that help clients achieve results above and beyond their expectations. As a seasoned business planner and developer, Paul creates modern administrative infrastructure and processes that make it easier for employers to analyze and effectively address the current challenges associated with harnessing Africa's human resources.

He has a wide range of experience in hospitality, retail service, real estate development, and public policy. He has served as a Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs & International Trade Research Fellow; as Program Director at the Centre for International Policy; as Project Manager for American University's Southern Africa Study-Abroad Program; and as the Senior Administrative Officer for a group of real estate companies across the East Coast of the United States.

As an HR Consultant, Paul has made various presentations to students in preparation for the real work life experience. He has also undertaken a number of assignments in the area of recruitment, skills audit and job description development, and is a member of the Human Resource Managers Association of Uganda.

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