Fiona Mulira

Fiona Mulira - Head of aikan Recruitment

A critical thinker who seeks to provide pragmatic solutions, Fiona possesses analytical and conceptual abilities to deal with contemporary human resource issues in organizations. She has the uncanny knack to process complex and abstract information and interpret it in the simplest of forms, an ability that has helped in planning and developing the performance of others.

Fiona has spent seven years working as a Human Resource Consultant and Lecturer in the Human Resource Department of Makerere University Business School. She also worked as a trainer for Coach Africa and the African Institute of Management before joining aikan where she has worked as the Head of aikan Recruitment™.
Fiona has carried out a number of recruitment assignments and is familiar with a wide range of psychometrics assessment tools. She also has experience in the areas of organization structure design, job description development, skills audit and HR Outsourcing.

Fiona has a Masters of Philosophy from Cambridge University in Special Education Needs (SEN) and an MBA (Human Resource Management) and a BBA (Human Resource Management) from Makerere University. She is a member of the Oxford and Cambridge Society of Uganda (OCSU) and the Human Resource Managers Association of Uganda.

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