aikan Recruitment™

What It Is

It is a smart HR practice that involves engaging us to support your organization’s employee recruitment process. The process typically includes:

  • Understanding the job and person requirements of the role
  • Developing the role’s recruitment criteria
  • Developing and placing advertisements online and or the print media
  • Receiving applications online or searching the aikan Jobs™ database for the 'right fit'
  • Conducting paper-based and psychometrics assessments
  • Supporting your interview panel during the final assessment
  • Conducting reference checks and academic verification for the final applicants

The 3 types of employee recruitment services offered are:

  • Executive Search
  • Non-Executive Search
  • Job Advertised Recruitment


The benefits of outsourcing your employee recruitment process include:

  • Increased productivity - by letting us handle your recruitment administrative burden, you are able to focus on the core activities that improve your organization's performance
  • Speed - our fast recruitment turnaround timesdelivered by our dedicated team of experts and online aikan Jobs™ database saves you valuable time
  • Accuracy - our process led assessment approach and appropriate combination of psychometrics tests, reduce the risks of a costly person-to-job mismatch
  • Hassle-free - by letting us handle your preliminary recruitment process we free you from the hassle of sifting through countless application documents
  • Cost effectiveness - when you outsource your employee recruitment process to us, your company joins a stable of other clients, and you become a beneficiary of our economies of scale

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