aikan Payroll™

What It Is

It is a smart HR practice that involves contracting aikan to administer your organization's payroll. Our process includes:

  • Calculation of gross pay
  • Disbursement of net pay with accurate third-party deductions
  • Generating electronic or hardcopy pay slips
  • Making deposits to relevant employee bank and / or mobile money accounts
  • Producing payroll reconciliation reports
  • Filing URA PAYE returns, NSSF contributions and KCCA Local Service Tax
  • Making third-party payments including medical insurance, pension administration and garnishments
  • Managing the statutory regulatory relationships

The three types of payroll services we offer are:

  • Executive Payroll
  • Non-Executive Payroll
  • General Payroll


The benefits of outsourcing your payroll administration include:

  • Increased productivity - by letting us take care of your payroll administrative burden, you are able to focus on the core activities that grow your business
  • Confidentiality - by processing your payroll offsite, confidential information is safeguarded
  • Accuracy - by outsourcing your payroll to us, you benefit from a quality assurance process that guarantees data integrity
  • Speed - by letting us process your payroll, you benefit from fast turnaround times delivered by a team of dedicated payroll experts
  • Security - when you outsource your payroll to us, your payroll data is safely backed up on an offsite encrypted and disaster recovery system
  • Hassle-free - by processing your payroll with us, we manage your regulatory relationships with the statutory authorities
  • Accountability - by letting us process your payroll, you benefit from a variety of tailor made management payroll reports
  • Cost effectiveness - by outsourcing your payroll to us, your payroll joins a stable of other payrolls and you become a beneficiary of our economies of scale

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