aikan OD™

What It Is

It involves contracting us to facilitate an organization-wide change process that focuses on improving your organization’s efficiency levels. Our process includes:

  • Understanding your organization’s strategy, financial performance and business model
  • Using a participatory approach to identify challenges that constrain the achievement of your organization's strategy
  • Establishing possible management and staff solutions to address the identified organization challenges
  • Making change recommendations for your management's consideration
  • Providing assistance in implementing management's approved change recommendations

The aikan OD™ services include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Organization Climate Surveys
  • Organization Structure Review
  • Job Description Development
  • Job Evaluation, Grading and Salary Structuring
  • Performance Management
  • Talent Management
  • HR Policies and Procedures


The benefit of engaging aikan as an external OD service provider includes:

  • Objectivity - your organization benefits from a different perspective and less biased view of its challenges and needs
  • Honesty - your organization benefits form a candid diagnostic feedback as we have more freedom to ‘say it like it is’ and be less at risk politically
  • Influence - your employees are likely to give us more respect as they do not knoey do not know us except by reputation
  • Openness - your employees are more willing to trust sharing confidential information with us than with management
  • Cost effectiveness - your organization makes a long-term commitment to us for pay and no commitment for benefits, which leads to lower overall costs

They Trust Us