aikan Jobs™

What It Is

It is a global online recruitment search engine or job portal that helps job seekers seeking for jobs and employers looking for competent people achieve their needs. The services offered include:

  • Employee CV/resume postings
  • Employer CV/resume searches
  • Employee job searches
  • Employer job postings
  • Business advertising

Employer Benefits

The employer's benefits of using aikan Jobs™ include:

  • Reduced time to hire – by allowing twenty four seven real time interactions between the employer and job seekers, your recruitment turn around times are greatly shortened.
  • Reduced costs of hire - compared to using traditional search firms and advertising methods, your costs are reduced when you post your jobs and search for candidates on our database.
  • Wider reach for employers – unlike traditional methods which are usually restricted by career level, industry, geography or other parameters, our database is unrestricted.
  • State-of-the-art filtration tools – our database offers you the latest Google technologies and filtration criteria that help you find potential future job seekers in the easiest, most rapid and efficient way.
  • Convenience for employers – your entire recruitment process is managed from one location, which allows you to post vacancies, receive CVs / resumes, screen, prioritize and contact candidates.
  • Employer confidentiality - you can elect to maintain confidentiality by searching our database without posting a job or by posting a job vacancy without disclosing your company’s identity.
  • Allows for database build-up - you can save high profile or particularly attractive CVs / resumes from an existing online search to build your priority database of pre-screened star talent for future use.

Job Seeker Benefits

The job seeker's benefits of using aikan Jobs™ include:

  • Wider reach for job seekers – as a registered job seeker you are able to access jobs in companies, industries and locations that you may not otherwise have learned of.
  • Increased job opportunities - by posting your CV / resume on our database, you can be contacted by potential employers directly for opportunities that may not be advertised.
  • Convenience for job seeker – you are able to get notifications of jobs that you are interested in and track progress of your posted CVs / resumes and applications.
  • Job seeker confidentiality – as a job seeker you can elect to maintain confidentiality by posting a CV / resume while keeping your names and present employer's name undisclosed.

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