About Us

aikan was started in 2004 in Uganda by management consultants who shared a simple desire to help organizations improve their business performance through strategic HR. At the time, many organizations looking for practical solutions to HR challenges had to settle for management consultants because there were hardly any reputable local HR consulting companies in the country. This realization led the founders Matthias Mosha and Edward Katete to establish and launch aikan, an HR consulting company that provides strategic HR advisory and consulting services. Since then aikan has evolved into a specialised HR outsourcing outfit.

aikan's consultants have over 30 years of professional consulting work experience between them, and have successfully adapted and applied different HR consulting tools to benefit its business partners throughout the region.

Today aikan's primary business partners are the employers who access our wide range of services, while our secondary business partners are the job seekers who consist of interns and employees. By working closely with both sets of partners, we are able to tailor solutions that are specific and beneficial to each group's individual needs.

As one of Uganda's leading HR consulting companies and trusted strategic HR advisory partner, aikan's services include aikan Jobs™, aikan Recruitment™, aikan Payroll™, aikan Outsourcing™, and aikan OD™.

They Trust Us